‘Power demands sacrifice’: Conan Exiles is teasing a big reveal

Stringing things together.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Conan Exiles Twitter account lately, you know that Funcom, which barely even acknowledged Age of Conan’s birthday a few weeks back, has been active with multiple teases about… something. We don’t know quite what it is. Starting May 31st, it looked like a runic glyph being slowly filled in top-down by blood. The latest image, which released last night, now reads “POWER DEMANDS SACRIFICE.”

“Are you prepared to make the sacrifice?” the Tweet reads. “Keep thine eyes trained on this feed June 21st and quench your thirst for knowledge.”

Reddit, of course, is a flurry of speculation over blood magic, ritual sacrifices, and an integration of sorcery and religion. Personally, though, my money’s on this guy.

Have a peek and see if you can guess something more concrete.

Source: Twitter, Reddit. Cheers, Shawn!
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