Final Fantasy XIV announces its Japanese center restructuring and new European servers for July 5

A new road has begun.

Remember when Final Fantasy XIV had first launched its current expansion, it was struggling to accommodate everyone on its servers, and it was doing everything possible to make sure people could actually get in and play and there was, like… space? The developers sure haven’t forgotten, and the plans made back then are now proceeding, as announced in the newest pair of dispatches from the team. Japan’s data centers are being restructured to have an additional logical data center, and Europe’s data centers are each getting two new servers to play around on.

These patches will both take place during patch 6.18 maintenance, which is expected to last for 24 hours to ensure that all of the data server transfers take place correctly (as would be expected). Players will also be barred from buying houses on the new servers for a limited time as the team verifies that everything worked correctly; however, home world transfers will be free for both regions since, as mentioned, there will be new servers and a new data center setup to explore. Check out both announcements for all the details if you play on the Japanese or EU server clusters.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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