MapleStory M adds a new character and celebrates its fourth anniversary in its latest update


Last week saw the mobile MMO MapleStory M release an update that celebrated two milestones: the arrival of a new character and the game’s fourth anniversary. Admittedly the four years of operation is probably a more impressive achievement than adding a new character to the game’s roster, but both pieces of content are part of the aforementioned patch.

We’ll start with the new character named Kinesis, a psychic boy that uses psychokinetic powers to move objects. The character class charges up Psychic Points to spend on powerful abilities that let him slam or knock around his foes and lift nearby objects to throw at enemies. He even can summon a train to smash on to enemies. Somehow.

The other major half of the update is the opening of a 4th Anniversary M Tour map to celebrate the game’s birthday. The location will be open until September 8th and will be host to a schedule of events including a stamp event, a pig scramble, fireworks displays, and a dancing contest. The latest update’s patch notes have a list of all of the event dates and times.

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