WRUP: Handheld beehive techniques edition

Hey. I got a ball.

Why am I holding a beehive? I’m glad – ow – you asked! I’ve figured out the secret to – ow – using a beehive as a handheld weapon! The bees are very angry at me at the moment, since they – ow – are swarming and all, but I’m pretty sure – ow – that if I smash the beehive against you they’ll act like a bee grenade! Ow. So then you’ll be covered in angry, stingy bees that – ow – think you’re threatening their hive! It’s a perfect plan! Ow.

No, I’m not going to smash the – ow – hive against you actually, it’s an example. We’re friends and we – ow – aren’t fighting! What do you mean I’m allergic to bees? Ow. Do I really seem like someone who’s allergic to bees? Ow. If I’m so allergic, why is my – ow – face puffing up and my mouf swewwing an my twoat cwosing? Ow. Pwease bwing me to the hawspitawl ow. ow ow ow ow. no weave my bee gwenade an teww me wut aw oo pwayin ow

Bonus question: What household chore do you try to get out of doing whenever possible, even if you’re living alone and it’s going to fall on your head?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Usual exercise games, but also more Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Maybe some Mario Kart 8, as I really enjoyed some of the new DLC tracks.

House cleaning in general. Dishes, laundry, toilets, those kinds of things are easy, but for walls, floors, and ceilings, I’m slow on the draw. If I see dirt/stains, I clean them up, but if it’s a brown rug with no major visible dirt, it could be months before I vacuum.

Andy McAdams: I’ll be putzing around Guild Wars 2 and doing some real life stuff.

Bonus Question: There’s nothing especially I hate doing around the house, though I avoid mowing the lawn if I can. Growing up, mowing the lawn used to take four hours-ish at a time with a riding lawn mower, in the hot summer sun, with no shade… and listening to the same cassette mix tape on repeat. Now, it takes me less than an hour with a push mower and I still find myself cringing away from it as much as I can.

Ben Griggs (@braxwolf): Well I got suckered into participating the latest dockyard event in World of Warships so I’ll probably be grinding that a bit. Also more EVE Online. If I ever figure out what I’m doing in that game you’ll be the first to know.

As far as household chores, I greatly dislike putting groceries away. With a family of 6, finding places for all the bulk-purchased food can be quite a challenge!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Probably not much this weekend – busy with family in town. But if I do get in, it’ll be to flip some factories in Star Wars Galaxies Legends! I’d also like to check out the Lord of the Rings Online Farmer’s Faire at some point. I never get around to do it since this time of year is always busy for me.

Probably taking out the garbage. I’d rather do an hour of scrubbing than deal with garbage cans.

Carlo Lacsina (@UltraMudkipEX, YouTube, Twitch): Lost Ark baby. Do some dailies, spam chaos dungeons, do a few raids. It’s a pretty fun game!

As for chores I’d rather avoid: All the chores. Some people are motivated to succeed because they believe in something greater than themselves. Others want to be at the top of everything. Me? I’m working hard so that one day, I can have a maid to do all my chores.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I think most of my time will continue to be spent in Tower of Fantasy, and I probably will try to at least see if I can’t get kitted out a bit more before the 6.2 patch in Final Fantasy XIV drops. That’s kind of about all that I’ve got lined up this weekend, but that’s more than enough if you ask me.

Nine times out of ten I manage to get out of doing the dishes because I’m the one who cooks the food and as a rule the cook doesn’t also clean. Which is good because I’m not a fan of doing dishes. At the same time, I’m also very particular about making sure they’re done right and end up inspecting others’ work regardless, so it’s kind of a vicious cycle.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): A bit of FFXIV stuff and a bit of casting about looking for a new single-player game to fill in the side stuff; it’s a weekend when I don’t have anything on review-deck, so that means it’s all me this weekend. Luckily I have a very full back catalog to search through.

Honestly, my problem is not that I particularly dislike any chore; it’s that I live with someone much more fastidious about these things than myself, which tends to cause some friction between the two of us. That doesn’t mean things don’t get done when I’m by myself, though. Trash is thrown away and taken out, cats are fed, bed is made, and so forth.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m still playing MultiVersus a lot. It’s just such a fun time. And I’m still playing the GW2 festival, so I guess not much had changed from last week. In non-video games I recently started to play Gloomhaven’s expansion which is cool.

Bonus: I guess I tend to shy away from cleaning toilets if I can. It’s gross. I’m gross. It gets cleaned eventually though.

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