Lost Ark has finally made free powerpasses available, but purchased powerpasses remain shut down


After nearly four weeks of being taken down with bare little explanation, the powerpass character boost item of Lost Ark is finally available to use once again. The free ones, at least.

As of yesterday, free passes like the Punika and Vern powerpasses are online and can be used once more. In recompense for the delay, players who either completed a quest to earn a free pass or have an unused pass and actively logged in between now and July 23rd will be getting a Punika Growth Support pack with a variety of materials and currencies.

In the meantime, powerpasses that can be purchased are still not available and won’t be for an indeterminate length of time as the devs at Amazon Games “continue to work on a resolution for ongoing issues with them.” The issues that started this whole problem in the first place, incidentally, are not elaborated upon in this latest announcement, but at least the free passes are back.

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