Chimeraland’s Attack of the Tyrant update brings a plethora of dinosaur-related content


If you love dinosaurs the way Chimeraland loves dinosaurs, then you’ll absolutely flip your lid for the Attack of the Tyrant update out today, which is full of dinosaur goodness from literal dinos in the game’s wilderness to dinosaur-themed items and content features.

Of course, the addition of dinosaurs is a primary part of the patch, with over 10 new dinosaurs wandering the land to be either befriended or devoured, as well as dinosaur eggs scattered around that players can knock on to discover what hatches.

On top of dinosaur critters, the update has introduced a dinosaur museum where players can look at models of the new dinosaurs, take on scientific quizzes, and participate in dinosaur battles to earn points that can be used to purchase dinosaur furniture ornaments, high-tier equipment, a new avatar title, and plenty of other rewards. The dinosaur celebration extends beyond the game world and museum, with additional themed cosmetics to earn during a seven-day login campaign, a new daily Tyrannosaurus Rex boss battle to earn various dinosaur blind boxes, and a dinosaur battle dungeon.

The patch further brings a new Medusa storyline awaiting in home cities, a rune fusion function, pet morphing and dyeing options, and the addition of Child Beasts for players who aren’t quite strong enough to take on the massive 100-year Grand Beasts. Details await in the patch notes.

sources: press release, official site
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