Lord of the Rings Online shuts down its Anor server today, but characters are retrievable through Dec 31


It’s the end of an era for Lord of the Rings Online, as the game’s original progression server comes to the end of its four-year run. Started back in 2018, Anor became the first “legendary world” that offered players time-gated progression through the MMO’s expansions.

While Anor will no longer be accessible after today, Standing Stone Games said that players can transfer their characters to a regular server for free through the end of the year. This move not only preserves the characters but brings over their accumulated wealth and even housing refunds.

“Players have through December 31st, 2022 to transfer their characters and shared items from Anor. After that time characters and items will no longer be transferrable, and customer support will not be able to assist players in recovering those characters or items,” the studio wrote.

Progression server fans still have two options within the LOTRO MMO: Treebeard and Shadowfax.

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