Swords of Legends Online is bringing new dungeons, biographies, and PvP content in its next update


There’s some fresh content on the horizon for Swords of Legends Online players, and while there’s not a date set for when it arrives, there is a preview post to whet their appetites.

Top of the list is the Flight from the Heart Demon dungeon, which is broken up into two parts to make two dungeon encounters. These dungeons will see players delving some deep caves that are full of all sorts of horrible monsters and free someone from the clutches of a warlock.

Other portions of the update include a new event that brings players to the Faith of Danschant island in order to correct a space-time anomaly, two new biographical stories to unlock and play through, and a new 3v3 arena in the Garden of Blades known as Heavenly Waterfall. This content is all set to arrive soon, but players can check out the synopsis now.

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