Team-based mech shooter Galahad 3093 officially begins its early access period


The time has come for Arthurian robots to fight it out for reasons: Galahad 3093, the team-based shooter involving players hopping into mech suits known as Lances, has now launched into early access.

The game’s early access build comes with seven maps that feature dynamic events like a sandworm attack or a comet strike; eight different robots to pilot; the promise of hundreds of mech customization options including 23 weapon systems, 148 variants, and over 500 modules; and two game modes: a classic Team Deathmatch or the Base Assault territory control mode.

According to the Steam page, early access is expected to run as long as a year depending on developer Simutronics’ internal roadmap and player feedback, while the full game will bring features like clans, clan-specific content, private matches, and new game modes. The early access version of the shooter will set players back $25, though there is a 15% discount available on that price until Thursday, September 8th.

sources: press release, Steam
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