New World plans three new servers to manage queues, revives Instanced Wars


If you’ve been back in New World the last week or two, you know it’s been beset by one of the best worst problems an MMORPG can have: so many people trying to play that there are server queues. As our own New World columnist Tyler notes, some of the servers have queues over 500 (and they hold only 2200 to begin with). Fortunately, Amazon is doing something about it.

“Due to increasing live server populations, and in anticipation of our Brimstone Sands release, we are preparing to open additional worlds to accommodate the influx of new and returning players. Below, you will find our roll-out plan as well as an FAQ for any questions you may have. Based on the extended login queues we saw over this past weekend, new purchases, and in accommodation for additional returning players, we are going to open one new world in a new world set for US-East, South America, and Central Europe.”

The three new servers will open tomorrow afternoon and evening, using names from closed servers, though the studio stresses they’re all new. Players are invted to transfer or start up new toons, though the company isn’t handing out freebie transfer tokens or increasing the character limit – yet.

The company will patch in New World’s latest update this afternoon; notably, it includes a revival of Instanced Wars, which were introduced to the test server back in July but have been disabled in the interim as Amazon worked on cleaning up the system.

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