Tabletop-like MMO Mist Legacy makes its way out of early access


At the beginning of the year we cast our eyes toward Mist Legacy, a free-to-play turn-based tabletop-like MMORPG from the small development team at Virtys. The studio touted the game’s “easy to play top-down world, turn-based combat, and […] skill-based progression system,” and it kicked off early access development in October 2021.

After roughly a year in open development, the MMO has officially stepped out of early access this week, releasing its launch build this past Tuesday. The announcement from the devs notes that they feel the early and mid-level portions of the game are mostly complete, which means that post-launch updates will focus on continuing the game’s main storyline and expanding its world; players can look forward to new quests, new companions, and a new region in the west.

Overall Steam reviews find the game sitting at a “Mostly Positive” aggregate, with several players enjoying themselves (even if they admit to being a little lost), though there are people calling out some cash shop shenanigans including paid access to additional skill slots, the player market, and party member slots – that last one reportedly cost an eye-watering $50.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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