New World adds three more new servers today – that’s seven in the last week


Over the last week, Amazon has announced multiple new servers for New World. Fae, Atlantis, and Eden opened last week, followed by Caer Sidi over the weekend. Apparently, the game’s buzz is continuing to elevate the population, as last night the studio announced three more launching today on top of those four.

“Based on the extended login queues we saw over this past weekend, new purchases, and in accommodation for additional returning players, we are going to open one new world in a new world set for US-East, Central Europe, and Australia,” Amazon writes. Central Europe players will see the opening of Tir Na Nog at noon EDT today, while Australia gets Eridu and US East will expand with Olympus at 6 p.m. EDT this evening.

As before, these are new servers “added to mitigate existing queues”; players can transfer to them, but no freebie transfer tokens are being given out.

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