Star Wars The Old Republic’s forums enter read-only mode as part of a migration to new forum platform


Today begins a transformation for forumgoers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. That’s because the forums are in read-only maintenance mode for the next 72 hours as BioWare moves the whole kit and kaboodle over to a new forum platform that will open on Thursday, September 29th.

An announcement thread details how forum life will change after the migration, touting the new system’s ease of posting threads and media, along with new features that will be available shortly after launch like the creation of personalized feeds known as Streams, a more optimized mobile view, and the ability for devs to create unique banners to highlight announcements and pop-up alerts. The forums will additionally support an event calendar, but that feature likely won’t go live until October or November.

That’s just the first phase of the new forums’ feature set: Phase two will focus on updating aesthetics and layout, introducing a points feature that lets players earn forum badges and ranks (badgers rejoice!), and adding sub-forum iconography. Details on when these functions will go live will be shared separately, but for now, it’s all quiet on the forum front until the shiny new platform goes live.

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