The Cycle Frontier offers up the patch notes for its upcoming new season


The cataclysm has fallen upon The Cycle: Frontier, meaning the first season is over and the second season is coming tomorrow, September 28th, but players can check out the new season’s patch notes now if they’re so inclined.

The notes begin by outlining what carries over from season one into season two and what doesn’t, then showcases the variety of new features the patch will bring. Special attention is paid to the upcoming Karis Island map, with its dangerous caves and a mysterious Forge that “holds great power for those cunning and brave enough to unlock its potential.”

The patch also has general gameplay updates on deck like new ping restrictions to prevent region hopping, the introduction of a “trusted status” queue in order to stop banned players from making alt accounts, updates to anti-cheat, and the locking of Tharis Island and Crescent Falls behind campaign progression.

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