Magic Online has made its formal move to Daybreak Game Company

All your cards are safe, don't worry


One of the longest-running Magic the Gathering video games jumped ship this week to come under the command of Daybreak. Magic Online officially made the switch from decaf to Daybreak on Tuesday, where the studio will continue to develop the digital card game as well as publish it.

To access Daybreak’s version of the game, players will need to uninstall the old client and install a new one. The switch comes with a new set of forums as well.

“We are excited to announce that Magic Online will be moving to Daybreak Games’s servers next week—the final step in a year-long transition process intended to help ensure long-term Magic Online growth and continued service for our game’s many fans. Whether your favorite format is Modern, Commander, or one of many others, you can rest assured knowing that the online game you’ve loved for 20 years will be in capable hands,” Wizards of the Coast said last week.

The transition is taking place during the Dominaria United set and season, and as such, Daybreak is running format challenges every weekend and offering some alternative play options.

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