PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will not facilitate Stadia players migrating to other platforms


1. And so it was that the adherents of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that didst play upon Google’s Stadia service were aware that they would soon face the shutdown of the service alongside all others who didst dwell there.
2. Thus did the players upon Stadia turn to the game’s studio, and they did cry with a unified voice, “Allow us to migrate to another service!”
3. And the PUBG team did hear them.
4. And the team did then consider their financial ramifications.
5. So it came to be that the team looked upon their players on Stadia and spoke with a voice like thunder to say unto them: “No, we shall not help thee migrate to a new service.

6. Thus did it come to pass that the people would be displeased.
7. And the PUBG team didst foresee this, and ere such came to pass they did outline the reasons for such to all and sundry to view.
8. “The schedule for migration is far too tight,” the team did declare, “and the technical issues abound, so we instead encourage you to seek a refund from the Stadia team as has already been offered.”
9. And the PUBG team didst also disable making additional purchases with the game with the most recent update.
10. And the players didst not rejoice, but instead many of them didst mock those upon the Stadia, where there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
11. So it was and so it shall come to be. Chicken dinner.

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