Swords of Legends Online kicks off a Halloween-themed hide-and-seek event

Spooky hiding?

A Halloween spirit has come over Shenzhou, and it’s going to linger for a while. From October 27th until November 17th, players will be able to celebrate Halloween in Swords of Legends Online by way of a minigame in which players take on the role of either Jaqo Luanters or Seekers. The latter have the easier and more straightforward job, looking for the Jaqo Luanters and striking them with ranged attacks while collecting candy around the area.

Jaqo Luanters, meanwhile, can fly around the map, disguise themselves as inanimate objects, and grab candy themselves. Their goal is for at least one of the three players to remain active after four minutes on the map. Taking part in the vent rewards you with tokens you can exchange for items, so go on and start both hiding and seeking for the next couple of weeks. But why does everyone have a pumpkin head? Because it’s Halloween, of course.

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