BitCraft dates next pre-alpha test for November 18, promises changes to movement, fishing, and farming

Touch wood.

The month of November is bringing a little something for lucky BitCraft fans, as the game’s latest address has outlined dates for its next pre-alpha test: Friday, November 18th, through Sunday, November 20th.

This round of testing will invite more players with a couple of caveats. First, those who were in prior tests will already have their ticket punched for this next pre-alpha. Secondly, the “most passionate players” of the game’s Discord will also be selected. If that all sounds unfair, worry not: Everyone who is invited to this pre-alpha will also be able to invite a friend, so assuming you know someone, you might be able to peek in.

“Expect to see things that won’t be in the final version of the game,” the post warns. “Expect things to be janky. Generally, this is the earliest a company can show what they’re working on, so bear with us.”

As for what awaits in this build (janky or not), that will include the updated and “satisfying” movement tweaks, and revisions to fishing, hunting, and farming, which are said to now feel significantly more different than mining and forestry. Also, players will be able to build boats and fish out in the ocean.

source: Medium
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