Ashes of Creation condenses the antics from its 24-hour Extra Life charity livestream in a video


Earlier this month, the developers of Ashes of Creation took 24 hours out of their day to come together and host a charity livestream for Extra Life Game Day, which ended up blasting past the team’s $25K fundraising goal to close out with a $$77,939 donation to the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, CA.

“As a teaching hospital, Rady Children’s Hospital not only helps children every single day, but also trains future generations of doctors and nurses. We’re extremely proud of our community, who shares our passion for gaming to make a difference in the lives of others,” the announcement details. “All told, you’ve helped raise over $247,000 throughout the past few years. From all of us at Intrepid Studios, thank you!”

The 24-hour stream saw the devs going through a variety of challenges as funding milestones were surpassed, such as a round of chubby bunny, a lightsaber battle in dinosaur costumes, and some pies to the face. For those who really want to see Steven Sharif’s mouth full of marshmallows (because who wouldn’t just love to see that), Intrepid Studios have all of the goofy antics compiled into the video below.

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