Monster Hunter Rise’s next update adds more anomaly quests, more monster variants, and plushie weapon skin DLC


Let’s be honest, winning a fight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is great, but knowing that you beat down a giant monster with an enormous squeaky plushie is even better. This important DLC is part of the next title update coming to the multiplayer RPG, which is bringing a whole lot of gameplay elements to the game; we just had to lead off with squeaky toy weapons. This is vital news.

In terms of those gameplay elements, Title Update 3 will add new monster variants in the form of Risen Kushala Daora, Risen Teostra, Flaming Espinas, Scorned Magnamalo, and Seething Bazelgeuse. The new risen monsters are huntable at MR120 and MR140 respectively, while the other variants are tied to the new tier of anomaly quests the update adds.

Luckily, it’s not all about facing angrier monsters in Title Update 3, as players will be able to also have follower NPCs tag along on almost every Master Rank quest, including anomaly quests and investigations. Finally, there’s the DLC that will be on sale, which brings on new gestures, voice packs, stickers, and the bundle of aforementioned plushie weapon skins; they’re soft, they’re cuddly, and more crucially, they squeak when they’re stowed.

Trailers for some of the new goodies can be seen below the break, while Title Update 3 is set to arrive on Thursday, November 24th.

source: press release
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