Embers Adrift’s memory leak fix ends up causing game instability and adjusting patch deployment timing


Earlier this month, Embers Adrift wrote about its efforts to plug a server memory leak that was causing problems. Last week, that fix was applied, but it ended up causing more problems than it fixed – namely, server instability that plagued the game for a day or two.

The post notes that removing the code meant the leak has come back but the servers didn’t crash all weekend long, forcing the devs to order more memory for the server as a stopgap while they try to reproduce the bug locally and send the report to Unity. In the meantime, players are being asked to swap instances from time to time so the team can shut down the bloated executables as they crop up.

This subsequent crash and fix has additionally made Stormhaven Studios reconsider its patch release timing, deciding instead to deploy updates on Tuesday in order to give the devs more time to adjust to any problems that might arise.

The rest of the patch notes post remarks on bug fixes, the upcoming addition of new zones and more Ashen, and a recalculation of repair costs for equipment at higher levels.

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