Mortal Online 2 offers a sneak peek at its upcoming weather system in a livestream


Bad weather can happen, but it doesn’t happen all that much in Mortal Online 2. That’s going to change sometime soon, however, as the game’s latest livestream demonstrated a new weather system that’s currently in the works. The video offered a WIP look at the system in action, as sunny skies gave way to clouds, rain, snow, and then back to sunshine.

According to Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom, this new system is being tuned with performance in mind, as the demonstration is on an older machine and showed an FPS drop of one or two frames. Henrik also noted that the clouds overhead actually occlude the sun in the game’s sky, while the system in total should be arriving approximately two patches from now. The full broadcast is awaiting below, as well as an isolated section with just the weather demonstration.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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