Warhammer 40K Darktide makes its official launch on PC, plans an Xbox X|S release soon


If you enjoyed smashing rat face in Fatshark Games’ prior multiplayer co-op horde killers Vermintide and Vermintide II, then you probably were already bought in (literally or figuratively) to Warhammer 40K: Darktide. If you weren’t, then this week is your chance to perhaps do so now, as the game has made its full release to PC players on Steam and the Windows Store, or available to Game Pass and GeForce Now subscribers.

Darktide is similar to the previously referenced games but has some noteworthy changes, namely the setting and the addition of ranged weapons for every class. The gameplay beats will likely be familiar to fans of these kinds of multiplayer shooters, with the promise of plenty of character progression, weapons to suit personal playstyle, and hordes of enemies to open those weapons on. Future updates are also promising more quality-of-life updates and a quarterly seasonal service model. The game is additionally making its way to the Xbox Series X|S consoles; release details are planned to be announced “shortly.”

source: press release
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