Final Fantasy XI turns on the Starlight Celebration once again on December 16

It's the same basic bench.

Do you have a holiday bench yet in Final Fantasy XI? Your chance to get one yet again is arriving on December 16th as the game brings its various Starlight Celebration activities back to the forefront, and yes, that once again means you can buy a holiday bench for you and your friends to sit on. This is true even if you don’t remember all of the classic carols about sitting on the Christmas Bench, like “I Saw Santa On The Christmas Bench” or “Baby, There’s A Bench Outside And It Isn’t Quite As Cold Any Longer.”

If you already have the bench and you’re thinking that you’ve heard enough about the bench, there are other things to do this Starlight as always. You can participate in Smilebringer boot camp, take part in different minigames in each major city, and help moogles in familiar activities that have occurred with every Starlight celebration over the past several years. But hey, no point in grousing about the familiarity; just get the items you want (bench included or not) before the event itself goes back on the bench after December 31st.

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