Mortal Online 2 adds beast mastery, a new mount, and the potential for crappy weather in latest patch


Don’t you rain on my parade, Mortal Online 2. Don’t use those fancy volumetric clouds that ride along a storm front to unleash bad weather on my character. Oh, you can do that in this new patch now? Well I guess I’m singing in the rain.

If that opening paragraph didn’t clue you in, the latest patch has introduced a weather system to the game, which will now generate all sorts of awful climate conditions for your character to suffer through. The update has also introduced a new mount in the form of a molva (which kind of looks like a rhino cow) and added a new beast mastery skill that lets players command their tamed creatures.

In addition to these features, the patch confirms the arrival of Krampus, adds around 100 new AI attacks, introduces about 50 new buffs and debuffs, and adds 47 new skills among other things. The patch notes detail all that’s new, including that weather system for those who are only happy when it rains.

source: Steam
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