New World publishes silly and bizarre statistics from 2022, including bunny deaths and cow milking

Nothing to give.

Did you think that the game wasn’t watching when you fell flat on your face or got taken out by a level 2 sheep? Oh, it saw you, and it tallied up every embarrassing or trivial moment in its ledgers.

This is the only explanation for New World’s latest infographic, which covers the totality of 2022’s player (mis)adventures. Probably the most serious facts revealed was that your standard sword continues to be the most used weapon, while the hatchet racked up the most mastery levels.

But then it gets kind of… goofy. Apparently, players killed Stanley the Rabbit 1.56 million times, died from drowning nearly four million times, squished 5.3 million scorpions, and milked Buttercup the cow almost dry. It also appears that New World’s housing market is pretty popular, as 99.3M units of furniture were crafted during the year.

Source: Twitter
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