Final Fantasy XI director teases ‘thrilling conclusion’ to current storyline

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Final Fantasy XI Game Director Yoji Fujito jumped on the horn this past New Year’s Day to recap the not-so-dormant MMORPG’s 2022 and look ahead to what’s coming in 2023.

Fujito tallied up the numerous additions to the game over the past year, such as sorties, master levels, the 20th anniversary event, and the ongoing Voracious Resurgence storyline. He also praised the various cross-promotional events the MMO did with other IPs as a way to draw people back to the game.

The really good news here is that FFXI isn’t planning to be quiet this year either. Fujito said that the team is preparing a “thrilling conclusion” to the current storyline, a new master trial to conquer, chat improvements, and reforged Prime weapons.

“The Development and Operations teams are looking to make 2023 one to remember, and we pledge to make Vana’diel a more fun and comfortable place to adventure than ever before,” he wrote. “We hope you continue to walk with us on this wonderful journey.”

Source: FFXI
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