Black Desert PC launches the first Arena of Solare season, tweaks animations, and asks to see your dog

Or your cat, or your lizard, or your horse, or your ferret, or...


“May I see a picture of your dog?” That’s kind of the question that the PC version of Black Desert is asking during one of its events this week, as the game is hosting a contest that asks players to take a picture or video of their real-life pet and in-game pet together. Twenty winners will earn themselves a pet selection box that lets them have a duck, an otter, or a baby penguin among other friends join them on adventures.

Obviously the week has more in store than just a picture contest. The highlight of this week’s update is the official first season of the Arena of Solare, which brings a bunch of shiny rewards and adjustments to gear used in the PvP instance. The season will run between now and February 28th.

Other pieces of this week’s patch include a change to character animations to alleviate control “discomfort,” a host of class changes particularly in regards to the Drakania, additional rewards that can be bought with Shakatu’s Seals, and a reversion to the old rules for node wars among other things. There are more events kicking off as well like login goodies, Woosa leveling rewards, and more hot time. But let’s be honest, the devs would probably rather see your pet.

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