Marvel Snap rakes in $30M in revenue while welcoming players to the Savage Land

Every other screenshot looks bad, that's the thing.

Following its October launch, digital card game Marvel Snap has enjoyed incredible popularity, numerous end-of-year awards, and — most importantly — a strong revenue flow. GamesIndustry reports that the title has been downloaded 14 million times and raked in $30 million in consumer spending since its release.

Of course as Uncle Ben once told us, with great revenue comes great fan freaking out over the meta, card nerfs, and new card accumulation. The controversial Leader card, which copies all cards an opponent plays in turn 6, was mildly nerfed this past week with the promise of more to come.

And there’s a lot of grumbling that the devs are dumping all of the new cards into Series 5, a tier that makes them incredibly hard to attain. Creative Director Ben Brode said that current endgame players should expect to be accumulating about four new cards a month.

“I think it’s unfortunate that right now most folks aren’t able to engage meaningfully with S4 and S5 though (and it’s something we’re currently discussing),” Brode said.

January’s month-long season pass takes players to the Savage Land with a collection of cards, variants, currency, and titles. As usual, some of these rewards are unlocked for free while others can only be accessed by plunking down 10 bucks.

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