Following sixth delay, Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones devs talk up the game’s story in new video


Considering the events of this past week, we can’t think of any position more unenviable than to be the guy who has to come out on a Skull and Bones devstream to talk up the game after the head-shaking sixth delay was announced.

Picking up this dubious torch to carry is Ubisoft Narrative Director Joel Janisse, who spends a half-hour discussing how this pirate naval game will spring a whole lot of story beats on the player. Part of this will take place through “investigations,” quests that take place in steps that offer challenges, clues, and narrative scraps.

If that’s interesting to you, and if you’re still holding on to hope of actually being able to play this game at some point in your lifetime, give it a watch below:

Source: YouTube
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