Champions Online fights a random server error that caused players to get stuck in maps over the weekend


Were you among those players who were stuck in a map in Champions Online? You most certainly were not alone, and the devs spent the better part of two hours on Friday trying to fix the mess.

The emergency maintenance first kicked off on Friday afternoon, first supposing that the downtime could be shorter than an initially projected two-hour window. About an hour later, a follow-up confirmed that resetting the server didn’t fix the issue, which called for extra personnel to come in to address the matter. About an hour after that, the game went back online. No cause for the hiccup has been given, but at least it’s all fixed.

In other CO news, the MMO is once again running its training program event between now and February 15th. As with previous events of this type, players can get tokens to purchase unique cosmetics like emotes, costume pieces, costume tokens, and costume slots if they can get a new character to level 40 within the time frame.

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