RuneScape releases the first portion of its new Fort Forinthry quest line with an all-new construction skill

Would you like to build a fort, fam?


With Zamorak defeated, it’s now time for players of RuneScape to rebuild from the aftermath. That’s the basic overview of the MMORPG’s newest quest line, Fort Forinthry, which tasks players with using a new construction skill to establish a fort, then fill it with important features like a workshop, a command center, and a chapel among other buildings. Different buildings offer different buffs, and each building can be upgraded up to three times for even more benefits.

Fort Forinthry is the headliner of this week’s patch, which is also adding another double XP event that starts on Friday, February 17th, and applying general fixes and adjustments like a cleanup of the Elder God Wars quests and several mini quests, changes to what can be put into the Falador Party Room chest, and some engine optimizations. The newsletter for the week also calls attention to maintenance happening to several worlds on February 14th; downtime is expected to be five hours.

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