Nightingale will have only official dedicated servers at early access launch


As Nightingale heads into its launch year, slavering fans (like us!) are eager to hear any word about its testing process. So try not to get your drool on a new dev update video from the studio.

The studio is “pretty happy” with the content it has planned for Nightingale’s early access launch. And on top of that content, the studio confirmed that it will provide official dedicated servers at the time of launch — and that all players will be on those shards. There may be private servers down the road, but this won’t be in place at the start, nor will support for community modding for the sake of streamlining and customer support.

In the meantime, the team is putting in more work to reduce the “friction” between its core gameplay mechanics in response to feedback from testers. As such, there will be no playtest this month so as to give the devs more time to work. “We’re making adjustments to make our realms feel more fantastical,” the studio said. “One way we’re doing that is with new foliage, resources, and creature variations.”

There is no early access launch date set quite yet, but the studio did say that it will be hosting more playtests in the months ahead.

Source: YouTube
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