Ubisoft says it’s sitting on a ‘very strong improved version’ of Skull and Bones


A month after Ubisoft delayed its pirate sim Skull and Bones for an astounding sixth time, the company hinted that the time’s been well-spent to create a vastly better product that’s still hidden behind closed doors.

In a recent call to investors, Ubisoft CFO Frederick Duguet addressed the game’s delay, saying, “We said in January, we’ve been very happy with the playtest that we’ve seen in early January, so we have a very strong improved version to show to players that they haven’t seen yet. So this is really what we are going to leverage in the next month to drive more momentum on the game.”

Duguet did not elaborate on what this “improved version” contains or why it may change the reputation and fortunes of the beleaguered title, but it’s certainly something to chew on as we continue the very long wait to Skull and Bones’ release.

Source: PC Gamer. Thanks Stormwaltz!
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