Dune Awakening’s highlight videos indicate how you’ll be able to survive on Arrakis


Uh oh: We’ve got wormsign, y’all! And in the universe of Dune Awakening, that means you either need to take shelter in a sturdy structure of your own making or make peace with your last few moments on the planet.

Don’t fret, however. Funcom is here to prepare you with all of the tools you’ll need to make it in its upcoming survival MMO. The studio’s put out a pair of “Shigawire Reels” this month to highlight various elements from the pre-alpha teaser trailer. These covered elements from the game and IP such as the massive sandstorms, stillsuits, and different types of groundcars. The first we covered a week ago, and now we have the second.

The studio also noted that players will have to pick their construction sites wisely: “Structures built on Arrakis must be built on solid rock or will eventually be destroyed by sandworms. Each piece is fitted individually, allowing for infinite variety.”

Source: YouTube
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