World of Tanks teases Japanese tank destroyers and mode overhauls in February roadmap


Tis the season for roadmaps, and now Wargaming’s World of Tanks has released one – in video format, and apparently one that will include more installments as the months roll on.

As of February, Wargaming is working on new Japanese tank destroyers and its associated tech tree (“if you’re the type of player who likes big guns and you cannot lie, then this line will be for you,” publishing director Michael Broek says). There are also random events, which are part of the dynamic object system, which basically allows you to blow stuff up and have the chunks become part of the usable environment (as cover or as a battering ram). Night battles and water behavior are also on the docket, but with no ETA. And players can look forward to the Steel Hunter Reborn variation mode and Onslaught mode, new maps in the map pool, and the return of Frontlines.

The video is below and comes just as Wargaming is promoting a huge Steam sale weekend for all its PC titles, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships.

Source: YouTube

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