Genshin Impact opens a new area, adds two new characters, and launches a new event April 12


There’s more goodies coming to players of Genshin Impact on Wednesday, April 12th. That’s when update 3.6, A Paradise of Providence, will open up to players with a new area, new characters, new foes, and a fresh event to enjoy.

The event in question is the Akademiya Extravaganza, which will feature a Wisdom Gala full of six different minigames and the Interdarshan Championship that challenges players to build a road while using the fewest number of materials. The event will also host some new storyline content and a hangout quest for Layla.

Speaking of characters, two more roster additions are coming in the form of a five-star healer character named Baizhu and the four-star claymore-swinging Kaveh. Banners for both of these characters will run during the latter half of the patch along with a return of Ganyu, while the first half of the patch’s event wishes reruns Nahida and Nilou.

Finally, a new area deep in the desert of Sumeru will open up, promising wastelands and oasis biomes, friendly critters that can help players fly, and a number of new dangerous foes like a dragon, a new boss fight, and two new types of Hilichurls. A trailer previewing all of what’s coming is awaiting below.

source: press release
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