The Cycle Frontier adds new weapons and monsters, applies new anti-cheat measures, and ends server wipes


This week has brought a fresh season to the PvPvE survival FPS The Cycle: Frontier, and by all accounts it is a whopper of an update, bringing new weapons, new critters, new mechanic updates, and a host of updates intended to fight against cheating.

The game’s anti-cheat tactics are one of the headliners of this new season, as they bring victim compensation systems for those who are taken out by a cheater, “shielded matchmaking” that gives priority to players with a trusted status, and some new third-party anti-cheat software that will no doubt have people screeching about security concerns.

As for gameplay matters, Season 3 introduces new MkI and MkII variants of weapons that were highlighted previously, adjusts the early game experience to make things clearer for new players and skippable for returning ones, brings some aggressive new monsters to the world (though a recent hotfix dialed that back a bit), reworked keycard rooms to give them “juicier loot,” and applies new effects to certain cosmetics.

Finally, from this season forward, there will be no more server wipes, as the update has made a number of changes to the economy and late-game progression, which brings more endgame quests and promises more rewarding late-game accomplishments, though players are being warned of harder to find high-tier items and changes to factional weapon shop costs.

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