WRUP: Football season was over a couple months ago and it won’t start again for a while edition

why is that the picture omg

No more games. No more good games. No more bombs. No more heroes. No more walking. No more pencils. No more books. No more swimming. No more hedgehogs. No more bears.

Forty. That is 17 years past 23. More than I wanted or expected. Not more than I needed. Not enough. Not ever enough. Maybe not fun for anyone. Sometimes fun for me. Act your age. You’ll get over it. The next part just keeps starting. You have never been greedy. You might need to learn how. Everything is eventual. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

Hurts. Lots of things hurt. I move like a ghost. But ghosts are echoes; I am not. Still here. Still sticking around. Don’t own a gun. Not picking one up. No pain, no pain.

What are you playing?

Bonus question: What was your favorite place to live that you lived in for the shortest amount of time?

‚ÄčAndrew Ross (@dengarsw): Oof, so much to do this weekend. Outside of some extra work I got, I’ll be doing Splatoon 3 for the other extra work event. The exercise games will get some time, but I’ll probably do less Pokemon Violet since Ghost Typhlosion seems a bit more braindead and single-pokemon-oriented than most of the past raid choices.

One hundred percent Tochigi, Japan. I was only there about 4 years (only shorter place I lived was Kyoto for about a month). I lived above a convenience store (which, in Japan, also is where you can go to pay bills), had a bank across the street, could do my laundry a bit past there, the train station was about a minute jogging from my place, walking distance to work and several malls, cherry blossom season turned shopping trips into walks through what felt like a movie set, safe enough that kids could walk to school alone… I probably won’t live in such a convenient place ever again.

Andy McAdams: I have no idea, really. The MMO-nomadness has struck again and I’m currently a free agent. Until I find somewhere to land for a few months, I’ll probably continue to optimize my existence in Satisfactory.

When I first graduated college, I volunteered with Americorps cutting trails and doing beach cleanup in Northern California. I was there for 4 months, and it was so amazing. I was in the King Range Mountains and the Lost Coast. The whole place was half a step away from a full-on hippie commune. Everyone was so nice, food was amazing. Hygiene was a bit suspect (says the guy who wouldn’t shower for 2 weeks at a time because I was out in the back country, so you know it had to very suspect). If you love the forest and the beach (and I do both) with some ‘hippie-lite’ or ‘diet hippie’ tendencies, it was a wonderful place to live for a few months.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’ve been mucking around in Lord of the Rings Online this week, so I’ll probably continue that, and I’m also planning to swing by the City of Heroes Homecoming test server to check out the new Storm Blast powers.

I love all my children equally, sir. No, actually, when we first moved to this state, we sublet the top two floors of a huge old stone house on campus for super cheap. It was only for a year, but I loved the character in that house.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): My usual Final Fantasy XIV stuff alongside a couple of games to review and real-life matters that have to be attended to this week. It’s going to be a rough week next week, but I’m recovering. Thanks to everyone who reached out and offered kind wishes last week; things aren’t better, but I’m recovering just the same. At some point I’m sure I’ll be ready to talk about stuff more.

At one point I found myself living with my mother and her girlfriend at the time off in a tiny little corner of the state that was buried deep in the woods. It was conveniently located to a lot of stuff, very chill, lots of trails, and quiet. Not my favorite place by a long stretch, but my favorite short-term place where I did live.

Tyler Edwards (blog): I have a full weekend of D&D planned. Whatever time’s left over will likely go to New World. I’ve been leveling my Covenant alt through the newest revamped zones and loving it. Bow and spear are such fun weapons.

Alexander Metcalf, patron: After three years of tap-dancing through the COVID minefield that is my home U.S. state, it got me. So no gaming for a bit. Now that I’m starting to feel better, I find myself logging on to Albion Online for the first time and have just purchased Cyberpunk 2077 for S&G, so I guess that means I’m playing the video game field again. I haven’t forgotten you Guild Wars 2. See you soon (but don’t wait up for me)!

Bonus: I studied in London for six months during college. I practically had to sell my organs to pay for necessities, but it was a fun time!

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