Pantheon Rise of the Fallen zeroes in on its mastery progression system in latest video

How am I supposed to remember you if you won't let me forget?

This weekened delivered a new episode of Parting the Veil from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, which means another hour-long discussion, this one on the mastery system, which is making a return in the game’s upcoming May test.

Visionary Realms’ Chris “Joppa” Perkins describes the system as a way for characters to unlock their full potential as mastery applies improvements to character stats and class abilities. Earning mastery involves gaining mastery points, which are earned from leveling up, filling a separate mastery XP bar, as a quest reward, and as an extremely rare world drop.

Perkins also says that mastery is generally meant to feel “pretty impactful,” though whether this system will provide some tree-like player choice or not is still being considered. The video also takes a close look at some class-specific mastery examples, discusses mastery costs and respecs, and confirms that players will be able to eventually apply full mastery to everything.

source: YouTube
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