Blizzard says Diablo IV ‘is not intended to be played forever’ and teases a ‘pinnacle boss’


Those who had daydreams of playing Diablo IV ’til doomsday might be disappointed to learn that there is an apparent end to its progression tunnel. This revelation comes from a group interview featuring associate game director Joe Piepiora, who confirmed that the Nightmare difficulty grind does have a stopping point.

According to Piepiora, Nightmare dungeons can get to as high as level 100, at which point players will face a challenging “pinnacle boss” that is designed to take several attempts to take down. After that, these dungeons can continue to scale up past level 100, but players will not be getting any new shinies after a certain point because they’ll already be at a maximum gear level limit.

Additionally, this final boss won’t actually drop any better equipment, as by that point players will already have the best gear possible.

“[Diablo IV] is not intended to be played forever,” he said in the interview. “[T]here are creatures that you will continue to fight at higher and higher difficulties, but this is content where you’ll be kind of pushing yourself to see how far you can take your build, rather than trying to reach some endless grind of rewards as time goes on beyond level 100.”

Piepiora does state that defeating the game’s ultimate boss will have “cosmetic things” and “other rewards” to gain along with the personal achievement of slaying this unnamed baddie, but for the most part, Nightmare level 100 is effectively the game’s finale.

source: GamesRadar via VG247
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