World of Warcraft discusses goals and plans for Mythic+ affixes and dungeons


The Blizzard developers who make up the team behind World of Warcraft’s Mythic+ dungeons took an hour out of their day to hold a discussion with the player council last week, with most of the talk focusing on the effects, changes, and plans for Mythic+ affixes in May 9th’s Season 2, among other dungeon-related matters.

The devs open by admitting that Season 1 affixes made players focus more on managing the modifiers instead of playing the dungeon, which in turn means that Season 2 dials back their impact slightly, including the removal of a seasonal affix, more consistency for modifiers based on pull size, and making affixes more focused on groups than individual roles. That said, the team is keeping an eye to ensure moving up Mythic+ tiers doesn’t mean things get easier, and modifiers like curse/kiss affixes are being removed for some later retooling.

The video also talks about addressing frustrations in solo queue, improving the visibility of fight mechanics, and balancing moments of mid-dungeon downtime in order to keep players refreshed but not standing around doing nothing for too long. The full video is available below, or you can get the summary on Wowhead.

source: YouTube via Wowhead
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