Embers Adrift patches in more locations, a new monster, and fixes for NPCs, environmental fog, and UI


A new patch has arrived to Embers Adrift this week and it’s bringing the Shrieks. That’s not the name of an ’80s glam rock band, nor is it a suggestion that the MMORPG has introduced horror game elements; that’s the name of the newest monster that players will be encountering. “Why are they called Shrieks? You’ll have to pay them a visit to find out…” the notes read. So maybe they will offer up some glam rock tunes if you see them.

As for where to see the Shrieks (this is sounding more and more like a literal concert show now), they can be found in the second phase of the Forgotten Depths zone, which takes players deeper into the titular underground delve. The patch has also released more of the Grimstone Canyon area, which promises new creatures spilling out into the zone. There are no Shrieks to be seen here, though.

On top of the new features, the patch applies a long list of fixes to address UI problems, a whole host of incorrect NPC behaviors, the way the sun works to lessen the impact of fog during certain times, and a number of abilities. The update also lets dual-wielding Strikers swing their off-hand weapon for a little bit of extra damage (as a treat), updated the game engine, added a way for party members to drag bags to somewhere safe, and introduced background tech that lets NPCs use conal abilities in multiple directions in the near future.

source: official forums, thanks to Yrys for the tip!
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