Tower of Fantasy’s Sound of the Sea update adds new area, missions, character, and world boss on May 11


The flood of things continues to pour in to Tower of Fantasy as the shared world RPG has previewed its next major update, released another new character to the roster, and continues to shuffle forth events in-between now and then.

We’ll start with the larger piece of news (obviously): the upcoming Sound of the Sea patch, which is arriving on Thursday, May 11th. This new version update will open up more of the underwater world with the addition of the Deepsea Caverns of the Dark Source, along with two new puzzle missions, a new world boss in the form of the skeletal spider Abyssant: Nakya, and a new rise in difficulty that scales with dimension rather than character level, bringing harder enemies, more rewards, and more goodies in chests. Finally, a new character named Gnonno will arrive with the update, bringing the ability to summon an octopus friend and wield a Mini Hurricane weapon.

As one might expect, Sound of the Sea has been heralded with a new teaser trailer. The footage itself is appropriately vague about what’s going on, but it all hints at the continuation of the game’s narrative, along with glimpses of the new zone, peeks at the world boss as well as more Grayspace Entities, and plenty of determined anime faces glowering into the fourth wall.

As referenced before, there are still things happening in-game between now and May 11th, as this week saw a new Simulacrum release by the name of Fiona, a character who brings a Moonstar Bracelet weapon as well as a water-spewing dragon friend. A number of events have also begun this week, such as supply runs, the Platinum Radiance event, and some special gifts for Fiona’s release. Most of these events stretch into May, so there are probably still goodies to get before the next big update drop.

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