Albion Online players have murdered each other almost 12M times since Albion East launched


MMO players already know that Albion Online’s massive Albion East launch saw the game surge to a new record of 300K daily players, putting to rest the idea that it’s impossible for a PvP-centric MMO to do well in the genre. But what are all of those players actually doing in the game?

Well, it turns out they’re not only murdering each other left and right, which isn’t a surprise – in fact, the reality that Albion has a lot of non-PvP content is one of the reasons we suspect it’s caught on with the sandbox set when other gankboxes crumble. Sandbox Interactive confirms as much today with the release of an infographic showing off all the weird things players have done in the first six weeks of Albion East.

While you have ganked each other almost 12M times (damn!), you’ve also spent time gathering 5B resources, harvesting 172M carrots, opening nearly 30M chests, slaughtering 8M bunnies, caught 54M fish, deleted 73M items, and crafted 212K masterpiece items, all in a total of 29M cumulative hours. Maybe lay off the bunnies, guys.

Source: Twitter
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