Albion Online surpassed 300K daily players – a new record – thanks to Albion East’s launch


So, after all the downtime and compensation issues, was the launch of Albion Online’s Albion East server a success? By the measure of player count alone, it sure looks like it. According to Sandbox Interactive, the game has smashed its previous daily active user record.

“After a successful Closed Beta and Early Access period, Albion’s new server, Albion East, launched for all players worldwide on March 20. That day, the surge of new players reached 277,000 total active users, a new all-time record for the game. And just over a week later, on Sunday, April 2, that record was smashed when the servers had a combined total of over 300,000 active users! […] During these record-breaking windows, active Steam users also reached their highest-ever numbers for the game, with a new all-time peak of 25,833 concurrent players on Steam alone, which is just a fraction of Albion’s overall player numbers.”

Readers will recall that the last time Albion set a record like this, it was almost two years ago, when the mobile launch saw the game soar to 271K daily actives. Not too shabby at all – don’t let anybody tell you PvP sandboxes can’t ever work!

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