Albion Online’s mobile launch drove its concurrency numbers to a new high of 270K


On the MOP Podcast that launches later today, I joke about logging into Albion Online this weekend and being assaulted by the sounds of thousands of footsteps from the wild rush of people playing in the game’s newbie areas following the launch of the mobile version last week. That wasn’t just my imagination; the game really is blowing up, according to Sandbox Interactive. MMO players will recall that the game saw booms in 2020 and a peak in early 2021, but now it’s passed those numbers up too.

“2021 has seen Albion’s population grow bigger than ever before, with Daily Average User counts increasing even beyond the previous records set in 2020. In February, the game reached a new peak of 135,000 daily active players, which was immediately surpassed with the launch of the Call to Arms update in March. With its complete rework of Faction Warfare, revamped Hellgates, Loadouts, and much more, Call to Arms pushed Albion’s daily average population to over 140,000 and also saw some of the game’s highest-ever numbers on Twitch and Youtube. Peak player numbers on Steam also increased by over 200% since January of last year, reaching a peak of nearly 13,000 simultaneous Steam players in addition to the majority playing via native platforms. […] After the game went live on the App and Play Stores, new and returning players flooded into the game, setting a staggering new record: 270,000 daily active players, nearly twice the previous peak.”

Sandbox says it’s currently working on the next big content launch for 2021, “which will focus on improving and deepening Albion’s open world.”


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I’d like to see these numbers broken down geographically. It seems that Albion is pretty huge in Europe and western Asia. While some people complain about performance, I really haven’t had a problem at all. Of course, I haven’t really participated in any PVP, nevermind the crazy zerg battles that happen. I really ought to find a casual-friendly guild that will allow me to test the waters a little.

I will say my weeklong mobile-only play is going rather smoothly. My typical daily routine is not really taking much longer than usual. Plus, it’s keeping me from my occasional mission creep because I’m trying to stay on task, to get a true measure of comparison.


Nice to see them growing. I remember some idiot at /r/MMORPG trying to tell everyone “MMORPGs are dying, no successful games released during last 5 years” or similar nonsense. Yet Albion is still growing in population.

Sometimes I wish some subreddits would operate using Wikipedia’s rules, where people posting nonsense assumptions without proper citation from reliable sources would get their post removed, this includes all the nonsense like “MMORPGs are dying”, “PvP does not sell”, “dungeon queue tools destroy sociability” and such. Sadly that’s not the case with any subreddits I read.