WRUP: I’m fine edition


I’m fine. It’s fine. Doing great. Fine. Fine. Fine. Super fine. Everything is fine and nothing is ruined, I feel okay. We’re fine. I’m fine. This is fine. Everything happening right now is fine. It’s fine, it’s fine. All fine. Who’s fine? Me. I’m fine.

I’m not crying. I’m fine. I slept normally last night. It’s fine. Doesn’t matter. It’s fine.

We’re fine. You’re fine? I’m fine. Fine is fine. Fine, fine, fine. Fine-grain fiber. Fine wood. Diane Fine-stein. It’s the fine-al countdown. I’m a fine lord. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Fine. All fine. Just fine and dandy. All fine.

Don’t come over. I’m fine.

Bonus question: What’s a movie you faintly remembered for years but could never find again? (Yes, it’s all right to have a vague description if you still don’t know what it is.)

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Well, since Nintendo cancelled this weekend’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raids, I guess I’ll have to do something else. Exercise games will certainly get some time, and probably a little Splatoon 3, and I may dip my toes into Jurassic World Alive a bit.

Honestly, movies were kind of big in my family. We rarely went to the theater before I was an older teen capable of going by myself, we abused home video recording to get movies off of the TV, and when that failed, there was video rentals. I probably watched every movie we had that wasn’t a tear-jerker multiple times, so I will never know the sadness of a movie I could never find again.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m gonna be finishing up a huge Star Wars Galaxies Legends armorsmithing project – seriously, it’s been dozens of factory runs now – this weekend or early next week. And then I think I’ll be tooling around in Lord of the Rings Online. I let it sag for a few weeks and am way behind on my internal leveling schedule, so I won’t have my hunter to cap by the patch. But that’s OK!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): It’s the closing days for the current Destiny 2 season, so I’ll focus on clearing my last objectives and getting those final earnings before Season 21 kicks off. Past that, my guildies and I are planning a little get together in PlanetSide 2 just for giggles.

Yanno, I vaguely remember portions of Gleaming the Cube, but I cannot for the life of me fully recall how the film went in general. I suspect it’s worse than I remember; I had a vague recollection of Mac and Me but only realized how awful it was after rewatching it in an episode of MST3K.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve got a little more work to do to prep ahead of the next patch in Final Fantasy XIV, but not much. So I’ll take care of that and otherwise just try to relax, probably with some single-player stuff. I have so many video games, you don’t even know.

So when I was young, there was a video store near where my dad lived for a while that had one particular animated film that I loved. For years I had no idea what it was. My dad and my sister both loathed it, and I agreed that it was terribly acted and paced, but something about it compelled me. It was only much later that I realized what it was – it was Warriors of the Wind, the butchered and terrible edit of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind that original made its way stateside. Was it good? No! But I recognized the Nausicaa underneath, I guess.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): This week is the same as the last for me. Chained Echoes on the Xbox and Tower of Fantasy for my multiplayer fix. I also decided to give Hero Realms a try and, wow, it’s awesome. Maybe too hard though.

Bonus: I remember faintly watching a movie with my dad in the ’80s that had a similar premise to Jumanji. A board game that sucks people into it or comes to life somehow.

Patron Pierre: Sorry for the long absence MOP readers, but work has been extremely busy lately and left me little time for gaming. I’m back now, and what a come back as after a few months of MMO hiatus, I’m playing my very first love/MMO again, Final Fantasy XI (yes, XI, the one pretendedly on maintenance mode, no V missing here).

I’m also playing Quantum Break. As it’s been removed and put back on the gamepass, it drew my attention to it. I never finished this game and I’ve been thinking of playing it again for years now, as I’d like to know how it ends. It’s a pity, however, that today, this mix of videogame and TV show, an original and nicely done approach, doesn’t offer the streaming videos of the TV show episodes on PC: The streaming servers are off. And the only solution Microsoft found is to propose to go to YT to watch the videos. I had to install the game on my XBOX and download the free pack with the episodes (70 GB, huge pack, only available on console + 80 GB for the game = 150 GB package); it’s the only solution today if you want to play the game as it was initially developed, with seamless transition from the game to the TV show episodes.

I’m also going through the Final Fantasy I-VI games in their pixel remaster edition on a recently acquired Switch OLED. Those are the perfect RPGs to play on a portable console.

And you MOP readers, what are you up to this weeekend?

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