Old School RuneScape brings back Bounty Hunter, a PvP mode from 2007


If you enjoy being utterly wrecked by a kid in a low-poly MMO, then boy have I got the game update for you! Kidding, kidding, this actually looks fun: RuneScape’s old Bounty Hunter PvP minigame has been revived for Old School RuneScape.

Apparently, the mode first hit RuneScape waaaaay back in 2007 with three different combat brackets, all centered on PvPing for loot. With this revival, however, Jagex is changing things up, so it’s a little more balanced and fair than its 2007 counterpart.

“A new, quick matchmaking tool will be used to pair players with combatants of similar combat skill level, so there will always be a fair fight. This minigame takes place in a dedicated arena called the Crater. Each player will be assigned a target when they enter the crater, and the victors are rewarded with the target’s loot (as is standard) and additional emblems that can be exchanged for unique items.”

Source: Official site, press release
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