Wayfinder’s largest global beta test to date kicks off today and runs all weekend under NDA


Wayfinder’s multiple-times-delayed global beta is finally underway today, inviting back all past participants as well as some additional testers. Apparently, the latter type of invites will be sent in batches between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT today, but those players needn’t worry because existing testers have all seen their past progress wiped, so everyone’s starting with a clean slate today.

“For returning Wayfinders, this test will include TWO new boss Hunts along with many new changes to UI/UX, increased movement speed and air dashing! (We look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes),” the team writes. “Kyros and Senja, as well as their signature weapons are craftable this test!” Also being tested this round? The cash shop.

“All players are encouraged to test the in-game player store where you can unlock 3 custom weapon skins, trinkets, loading screens, Gloom Dagger Skin and 10 new cosmetic dyes! To access the bundle, open up your player menu and navigate to Shop you will find the Beta Test Bundle for 1000 Runesilver (which all accounts have been granted for this test). This bundle is purely for system testing and is not reflective of final prices or structure. Just like everything else in beta it will not transfer to you account for Early Access or Full Release.”

Interested players can still sign up using the “request access” button on Steam. Do note that the NDA continues, making it difficult to view and discuss the game. Airship Syndicate also issued a reminder that is the first test for PS4, so it may be messy. The test runs through the morning of May 29th, so if you were hoping to play all day on what is traditionally a day off for many people in the US, be warned that you can’t.

Source: Discord
Looks like another hitch is holding it up:

And they’re off!

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